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Day One

images1.jpegToday marks the first day of classes for this new term.  I meet my Monday/Hybrid public speaking class today at 11:10.

I printed out my roster yesterday and, upon close inspection, I see that I have 22 students in the class (it would have been 23, but Megadeth Dave won’t be in attendance) and that I have two familiar names among the list; one is a student who withdrew from my composition class last term and one is a student who spectacularly failed my composition class last term.  I’m not concerned about either of them posing a problem for me here, though; both students and I got along quite well while we were together.  Even though the withdrawal was failing when she left, it wasn’t due to lack of skill.  The gentleman who failed out of the composition class is the type who understands the consequences of his actions but chooses to goof off anyway.  He’s honest and forthright in his pain in the ass-ness, and I can work with his type.  My only concern with him is that he has a particular affinity for being an edgy class clown (his favorite thing to talk about is porn) so I’m instituting an “all speech topics must have prior instructor approval” policy for this class.

I imagine that today’s class is going to be a little hectic.  We’ll do the typical go over the syllabus and talk about class expectations thing that happens in every first class, and I’m going to get them started on conversations about communication and rhetoric.  Given that this is a hybrid, though, and that we’ll only meet face-to-face eleven times (ten after today), I’m going to have to figure out how I’m going to squeeze at least three speeches for 22 kids into ten weeks.

Anyone want to do that math for me?


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