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Uh.. Buh-Bye!*

Joe and I have been emailing back and forth ever since I found out that Megadeth Dave was placed (or placed himself) in my public speaking class.

The day I discovered the darling in my roster, I sent Joe this email:

Dear Joe:

I just checked out the roster for JUL06AMH and found that Megadeth Dave is in my class again. Should I be concerned about that? Is it wise for me to have this student again? Tell me what you think.


I got an email back that said, simply, “I’m working on it” later that afternoon.
After thinking about it for a while, I sent an email to Joe telling him that I didn’t want to come off as unprofessional or petulant:

Joe, I want to be perfectly clear that I am not complaining about having this student in my class again and don’t expect you to do anything about his being placed with me. I believe that, given the experiences I’ve had with him, I’m getting better at managing his behavior and see him as an opportunity for ME to learn, as well.

Please don’t think that I’m ‘chickening out’ or whining that I have to deal with him again; I just brought this up to you to get your opinion on the placement, and to let you know that, if he does stay in my class, you will be updated on how that class goes on a fairly regular basis. I’ve told you before how very well supported I feel as a member of your faculty, and I’m certain that I can work with this kid for another term if it turns out that he’s staying.

I got this from Joe this afternoon:


Dave has been moved to another class. I read your message yesterday. Don’t look at this as a negative move. I think that moving him to the evening division might be a growing experience for him, as he’ll be with non-culinary students.


So, there you have it! I’ll have a Megadeth Dave-free semester! I’ve got to admit that I’m breathing easier here. I don’t expect that I won’t have any challenging students in my classes; I just won’t have that particular challenging student in my classes. YAY for me!!

*the title comes from something my sister, Auntie, says all the time. I love the attitude she injects into that little phrase (BUH <pause> BYE!), and it reflects perfectly the feelings I have about sending this kid packing

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