A New Term

I’ve got my schedule for the next term at TCC!

I had thought, toward the end there, that I might want to take a semester off – and I may do that in the summer – but I find I’m really looking forward to getting new classes and starting again.

Unless a class gets cancelled (and I never hold my breath because, even though I haven’t been employed at TCC for very long, it’s been long enough to know that nothing is set in stone until the first day of classes), my schedule looks like this:

On Mondays, I teach a public speaking hybrid class from 11:10 to 1:00.  This class will have an online component that will need to be completed by Saturday at one in order for the students to get the full course credit hours.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I’ll teach another section of public speaking from 8:40-10:50.  Then I’ll go back to the school to teach a Foundational English course – which is, essentially, a basics of grammar class –  from 3:50-5:15.   This course was added to my schedule late last week in a series of voice-mail messages from Joe; the entire arrangement was really quite funny.

I’m going to spend a part of next week getting ready for the classes, which begin officially on the 9th of April.  I’m feeling very confident about both courses I’m teaching – I’ve taught them both before and kept not only my notes from those classes, but also all of the materials – and am looking forward to the new term.  Also, Organic Mama is teaching sections of the same courses, so we’re going to be giving each other ideas and materials all semester long.  I’m almost sorry for our students.

Really, my only concern is about the kid-care situation for the 3:50-5:15 class; when Mr. Chili is away on business, I’m going to have to find someplace to stash the girls while I’m working.  Fortunately, Organic Mama teaches a class which ENDS at 3:50, and has graciously offered to take my kids from me, as I’m walking in and she’s walking out, and take them to her place until I’m ready to come to get them.  I’m very much hoping that I won’t have to take her up on that offer too often, but I know for sure that I’m going to have to rely on her at least a few times while Mr. Chili is in the deserts of New Mexico.  Sigh.

Now my quest becomes to find people to come to speak to my classes because, as my memory serves me, I know that getting the students to go out and seek public speaking events is like herding cats….




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8 responses to “A New Term

  1. Seriously, how does one get into the whole “teaching community college” scene? Your schedule is awesome! Am I correct in assuming you need to at least have a Masters degree?

  2. Honestly? I got the gig through Monster.com, though I could just as easily have dropped my resume off at the front desk, which is what I’m planning to do at Slightly Larger Community College as soon as Mr. Chili prints off an updated copy of my resume.

    In answer to your degree question, I’m not sure. I think the requirements may vary from state to state (or from college to college) but I believe the rule of thumb is that you must hold a degree higher than the one being pursued by your students. If one is teaching at a two year school, then, one would need a Bachelor’s, as the kids are coming out the other side of graduation with an Associates’. I HAVE a Master’s degree in English teaching, though I’m not sure the advanced degree earns me anything in the way of increased salary.

    And yes – it’s a GREAT schedule that doesn’t interfere with my primary gig as Mommy (though the pay scale for both jobs is pretty meagre, but I’m not in either for the money)….

  3. Organic Mama

    Truly, they best beware as between us we are sure to concoct the most appropriately strenuous grounding in grammar and speechifying possible. I am rubbing my hands in anticipation and thanking my luck stars (look! TWO cliches) that I have you to collaborate with.

  4. Ohh, sound exciting … and daunting.

    Kudos to Organic Momma for stepping in. I wish I was closer, I’d happily volunteer to keep either of y’all’s kids, although they might come back a bit warped, LOL.

    Hey, there’s a Grammar Question for you: is it “I wish I WERE closer”? I’ve always been taught that the proper form is “WAS”.

    (Sorry … you know I can’t comment without a plaintive grammar question. 😉 )

  5. Those poor, poor students!!! There are only two full-time profs in the Psych department here at Tiny Christian University and every major DREADS the classes those two collaborate on. Those classes are always more intense and well-rounded (aka A LOT MORE WORK!!!!!!).

    I hope the whole childcare thing works out. Although, I’m sure you’ll be able find some great sitters. (Maybe offer some extra credit to anyone volunteering to do it….at least then they’ll get some free tutoring from your 9 y.o.!)

  6. Blue, I’d be more worried about that y’all’s if I were/*was you.

  7. HAHAHAHA!! I remember hearing a routine (was it Jeff Foxworthy? It likely was; most of his humor is based around the whole Southern dialect thing) that went something like this:

    Okay, let me set this straight; “y’all” is singular; “all y’all” is plural”

    This Wednesday, Blue, I’ll do a bit on was/were. It’s one of my peeves….

  8. Organic Mama

    And to chime in on the child care issue, I am so happy to take the little chilis home with me at any point in the semester. In fact, I might not give ’em back…

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