Oh, To Be a Fly On the Wall…

images3.jpegI got this from my boss this morning. It was addressed to me, the head chef, and the Dean of Ed. at the college:

Ladies and Gentleman,

I am forwarding this email to all of you since these two gentlemen have continued to show the most sophisticated academic standards in our institution since their arrival in August and, for one reason or another, have appeared in our emails as well.

Jim, I am requesting that we schedule to meet these two gentlemen together as soon as possible and document their nonprofessional behavior towards one of my faculty members; and as for Dave, I am requesting that we refer to our code of ethics on his use of slander toward a specific religious group.

Looking forward to your comments,


I really hope I’m around when this meeting gets called.  I don’t even want to say anything, really – I just want to observe what happens in situations like this.  I think  it’d be an amazing learning opportunity for me.



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7 responses to “Oh, To Be a Fly On the Wall…

  1. Holy cow, I just caught up on this story. Holy cow!

    Well, at least they’re addressing the problem.

  2. PS: I just reread that entry and realized that Joe had probably included the emails the boys sent. I was TOTALLY confused by that at first.

    That’s what happens when you fry your brain on an AMAZING English exam. 😉 I’ll have to send you another Loooooooong email.

    (Btw, I am assuming “that’s” is the conjuction of ‘that’ and ‘is’. But is it proper to use in formal essays and say….AMAZING English exams?)

  3. Jane

    “I really hope I’m around when this meeting gets called.”

    I really hope that at least one person at the meeting is Jewish.

  4. Organic Mama

    As a Jewish member of that faculty, I am very much looking forward to witnessing the denouement of this story. I am so pleased Joe has taken this as far as he has. Kudos to you for making an issue of this.

  5. I hope this gets sorted out. These boys are a pain.

  6. Laurie

    I’m sorry if I’m being redundant or stating the obvious, but I don’t recall seeing this mentioned here.

    The “jew” comment comes from the cartoon “South Park.” I have no idea what the context is, but the kids seem to think it’s hilarious to use it when people annoy them.

    I teach at a school that is 86 percent African American and 13 percent Hispanic. They use it all day long, and it never, ever makes logical sense.

    I got so sick of it I made a kid write me a five-paragraph essay on the history of the Jewish people. I haven’t heard it much in my own classroom since then.

    None of that, of course, excuses the comment.

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