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Oh, To Be a Fly On the Wall…

images3.jpegI got this from my boss this morning. It was addressed to me, the head chef, and the Dean of Ed. at the college:

Ladies and Gentleman,

I am forwarding this email to all of you since these two gentlemen have continued to show the most sophisticated academic standards in our institution since their arrival in August and, for one reason or another, have appeared in our emails as well.

Jim, I am requesting that we schedule to meet these two gentlemen together as soon as possible and document their nonprofessional behavior towards one of my faculty members; and as for Dave, I am requesting that we refer to our code of ethics on his use of slander toward a specific religious group.

Looking forward to your comments,


I really hope I’m around when this meeting gets called.  I don’t even want to say anything, really – I just want to observe what happens in situations like this.  I think  it’d be an amazing learning opportunity for me.


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