The Crusade Continues

There’s a car dealership located at an intersection on the way to my health club.  This car dealership has a large, lighted sign in the front yard that runs various messages, and I often find myself reading them as I sit at the light.

Two weeks ago, I was prompted to call the customer service line of this dealership because, for several weeks in a row, the sign had been cheerfully advertising that the store had all kinds of “Kia’s and Chevy’s and Pontiac’s and Ford’s” for sale.  I spoke to someone in the office of the dealership, explained that I’m an English teacher and that I noticed a grammatical error on the sign, and asked her if she’d get someone to remove the apostrophes.

They’re still there.  On my way to work yesterday morning, I saw that the sign still hasn’t been changed.

I submitted this email to their website this morning:

PLEASE fix the grammar in your sign.

“Kia’s” and “Chevy’s” – with the apostrophes – are possessive forms; “the Kia’s tires” or “the Chevy’s transmission.”  The intent of the message was that your store carries multiple choices of the brand, and should be plural; “We have many Kias and Chevys on sale.”

Good grammar makes good impressions; particularly when that grammar is placed on three-foot, lighted signs.

Seriously, fellas; the apostrophes make you look like ignorant grease monkeys.  The fact that you may actually BE ignorant grease monkeys is beside the point…

I also saw this on a photographer’s “shingle” outside the office door:

“Such-and-So’s Professional Photography.  Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversary’s.”

Sigh.  I’ll be looking up their number and calling them this afternoon….



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3 responses to “The Crusade Continues

  1. claudia

    Oh then,you’re going to LOVE this one! CitiMortgage just sent a check that read Bob Smith(name changed) Elecarical Contractor. They made the same mistake on 3 different pieces of paperwork!!!!

  2. SERIOUSLY?! I’m laughing out loud!

    I love it when my students do that. I know they MEAN to use a real word, but what they type doesn’t register as a part of any language that *I* know of.

    I hope that doesn’t keep the check from being cashed….

  3. claudia

    I suspect not. Unfortunately, many wouldn’t even catch the mistake!

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