I’ve HAD It…

I’m having conferences with my Bozo Twins tomorrow. Hopefully, these conferences will include my department head and the head chef.

I came home this afternoon to find these two lovely human beings had sent me some email. I was horrifed at what they’d written.

I saw Tad’s first, and responded to his little whining fit with a very detached, professional note. Then, I opened Dave’s email. That pushed me over the proverbial edge, and I composed this to my boss and the head chef:

Dear Joe:

I’m having some problems with two students of mine, Dave and Tad, and I need some advice as to how best to deal with it.

I’m offended by the way these students interact with me. Their emails are inappropriate and disrespectful. I offer the latest two as examples:

On Mar 18, 2007, at 4:37 PM, Tad wrote:

I put a lot of thoght into this. I hope i recive hight than a 40.

On Mar 18, 2007, at 7:04 PM, Dave wrote:

internet was being a jew today sorry heres my essay

I responded to Tad’s email with this:


The amount of thought you put into something, while very important, is not the only basis for your grade. Basic grammar and mechanics also play into the score your work receives, as well as how clearly and articulately you make your point. Your paper will be graded against the rubric I gave out earlier in the week.

Please print your paper for me and bring it into class tomorrow. I don’t have a printer available to me at the moment, and I did request that the papers be delivered in class on Monday.

Thank you

-Mrs. Chili

I didn’t respond to Dave’s offensive comment because, frankly, I didn’t have any idea how to adequately address it. I feel as though he should be called on this kind of thing, though – ESPECIALLY in college. It would be irresponsible of me to let him think that this kind of behavior to ANYONE – much less a teacher or a boss – is acceptable.

I would appreciate ANY guidance you can give me here. I recognize that this is the end of the term, and that these students will likely never see the inside of my classroom again, but I still feel a responsibility to act in some way. It feels cowardly and immoral for me not to.

Thank you,


I’m going into work early and hunting the bosses down. I cannot let this pass, and I need some witnesses (and, hopefully, some back-up) when I confront these two losers.



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11 responses to “I’ve HAD It…

  1. Organic Mama

    Mind boggling, really. Their ignorance and dare I say chutpah is astonishing. These two have it coming and I hope they get what they deserve and have so richly earned.

  2. That comment about the “internet being a jew” really clobbered me. I am getting ready to leave for two weeks in Germany and the Czech Republic. High on my list of must-sees are three concentration camps: Dachau and Buchenwald in Germany, and Theresienstadt (Terezin) in the Czech Republic. As I was looking at photos on the Web sites of the respective camps today, I found tears welling up in my eyes because of all the people who met horrific deaths there. Those deaths were perpetrated by people who assigned disparaging labels to their fellow human beings. Such labeling is unacceptable. You know that, and I applaud you for “going after” the disparager.

  3. Oh no, dave… I was really hoping for your sake we had seen the last of dave…

  4. I suggest that next semester all written interaction with the teacher be included in the grading. I might be inclined to print out both of these e-mails and encourage these gentlemen to continue in this vein, especially when a job is on the line. And I’d ask to be apprised of how that works out for them.

  5. So far in my student teaching experience I’ve heard severeal offensive comments such as that directed towards myself and my cooperating teacher. Reading about these two students I find myself amazed at their audacity but am sadly not surprised. I would have never thought to act towards an elder, let alone my teacher, in such a way. Hopefully Joe will have a good idea on how to handle the situation– I am very curious as to what he’ll say.

    Also, I believe you accidently let your last name slip out in your post.

  6. Thanks, Karen – I missed that. I just went back and fixed it.

    I’m putting up a post about the conversation I had with Joe this morning. I don’t want to keep it in the comments section – I don’t know how many people go back to read these…

  7. Jane

    Appalling. I’m with Kizz: include all written communication in the grade. You’re not off-duty when you’re reading this crap; they shouldn’t be considered off-duty when they’re writing it. All of it should count.

  8. Offensive and poorly written and ignorant as they are, I can still beat ’em. Sigh, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

    Oops, I meant “nuthin.”

    I love the suggestion that you include all emails as part of the final grade. I think I’ll try that.

    Oh, and if you’d like to see some real gems from college students, just email me. I won’t post them in public but I’ll share in private.

    Not because I don’t think these students deserve public ridicule, but to protect my own behind.

  9. College right? Seriously these two linguists actually made it to college? Not to mention the little turd sucker has the audacity to suggest in his email that (misspelling included) he get a grade higher then 40. If his email is any indication of his wordsmith ability, I feel safe assuming that there would be a decimal preceding his grade.

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