Letters (and Love) From My Students

Today’s in-class writing assignment was for the students to write letters to the kids I’ll have in next term’s composition class.  Here are some of my favorite excerpts:

***Mrs. Chili really is funny, and she has some listen-worth stories.  Ask her about her emergency brake.

**English Comp.  I know it’s boring, but do not worry.  Mrs. Chili is a great teacher.  She seems like a crazy, red haired freak, but on the inside, she’s good people.

***If you want to get out of class, tell Mrs. Chili that you’re going to throw up.  She’ll send you packing.  She can handle blood and guts, but any hint of puke is something she can’t stand…but you didn’t hear that from me…

**My advice is to finish what she tells you to do, and you should show her that you are at least trying.

***The first thing to do is pay attention in class.  Mrs. Chili is usually pretty entertaining, and by adding humor to her lessons, she makes English class as interesting as possible.

**As long as you keep up with the homework and in-class work, you have a very good chance of doing well and becoming a better writer.  Mrs. Chili doesn’t penalize you for mistakes in papers; she edits them and gives you a chance to revise them and do better.

***Mrs. Chili is an awesomely fair teacher.  She will never spring a pop quiz on you or go back on her word.  For slackers, this may be a slight problem because she does not accept late work; however, this will make grading fair for everyone.

**This class is very helpful, and Mrs. Chili is easy to talk to if you need anything.  Whatever you put into the class, you will get out of it.

Yeah.  I really do love my job.



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10 responses to “Letters (and Love) From My Students

  1. Well, I think you have proof here that they ARE listening to you, it’s just not motivating them to actually DO the work. Which, is entirely on them, and they kind of know it.

  2. I like that you assigned something that you would get you some compliments. That’s what we all need. Something to keep in our desks.

  3. What a wonderful reflection on you!

  4. Organic Mama

    Truly, they get to own what they learned, and why, and reflect on who you were to them in the process. What a tremendous reminder of what you were there to do – and how effectively. Mazel Tov!

  5. Thank you. I felt a little narcissistic putting these up, but I figured you all needed a respite from all the bitching I’ve been doing lately….

  6. Awww!! Those letters are so sweet. Good for you! What an encouragement.

  7. I second that ‘awwww’! How wonderful.

    Now that term is almost over they’re cognizant of the ‘no late work’ rule? LOL.

  8. Yeah, well, these are from my Tuesday/Thursday kids. I’m going to give the same assignment to my Monday kids. I’m not optimistic that the results will be similar…

  9. ‘Listen-worth’?
    Is -worth a permissible semantic case suffix in American English?

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