Good Writing

As per Wayfarer‘s request, I give you an example of good writing from one of my students.

This was done in response to a quick-write assignment asking that the students describe something.  This student, who has proclaimed loudly and often that she hates this class and sees no point in it (this post was about her), has turned in almost nothing noteworthy all term.  For her, this piece represents an outstanding effort:

From the time that I was born until I was fourteen years old, I lived in Carson, KY.  I lived in a nice little neighborhood where there were plenty of children my age to play with.  There were hardly any homes with gates in their back yards, so the whole neighborhood was our playground.

My house was a simple, brown cape and my mother loved to garden.  We had all different types of trees, flowers and shrubs.  My mother even tried to grow a cherry tree in our front yard.  It was just a stick in the ground with a couple of small branches at the top.  The neighbors’ dog, Woodie, dug it up and ran down the street with it.

During the summer, the kids on my street would go riding our bikes, playing flashlight tag, basketball and all other sorts of fun things.  A lot of the times, my neighbor’s father would come home from a long day at work and then take all the kids out for ice cream.  All of the kids were really close, and we still keep in contact today



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3 responses to “Good Writing

  1. That’s a really nice piece of writing.

  2. For this student, it is an EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD piece of writing.

    I sent her an email wherein I transcribed the piece for her (it was handwritten in class) and encouraged her to expand it to include in her portfolio. I hope she takes me up on it.

  3. Weedwoman

    You see, it’s not completely hopeless. At least one is capable and did good work in your class. Hurrah!

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