In Lieu of Grammar Wednesday…

…I give you a sampling of some of the lines from my students’ research papers:

Farmers shove cows all together and fill yards as packed as they can just so they can make more meat product.  They also feed them cheap ground corn that is very unnatural for cows because cows normally eat grass, so feeding them corn is just fattening them and making it so they don’t have to pay as much.


Snow mobiles and mountain bikes ar not as bad for the enviornment as the other ATVs.  The article says that since snow mobiles run on the show the do very little damage to the soil or ecco system.  Running on the show saves the roots and the soil around the roots a lot of damage.


People have tried very hard to prove that aspartame is somehow linked to brain tumors, but the Food and Drug Administration will not back down from their original approval.  Europe has shown a possibility in formaldehyde in the brain, which the FDA admitted that this may happen.


Megadeth is more than just a band.  They were activists, enviornmentalists, politicians and Wild men all wrapped up in one.  Megadeth was music with a purpose.  Every song tells its own story about be it extinction of species, to political agendas, stretching as far as songs about what it feels like to lose the one you care about most.


Most people hate farmed fish they say it’s bland and is full of chemicals and is bad for you and the planet but I say there wrong.  The U.S. currently dose not have a standard for organically raised fish, so if you see organic and its salmon it is most likely from another country where the restrictions are easer and cost is a lot cheaper but it is a lot better than Atlantic farmed salmon.


When using eggs they should always be cold.  If a recipe calls for room temperature egg whites it is necessary to separate the eggs while they are cold.  Any baked products that need flavor, richness, moiture, or color eggs are put into a recipe.


Located in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Most likely haunted by a poltergeist or noisy spirit.  Like many other haunted places, noises are heard when no one is around, lights turn off and on when the house is empty, there have been reports of moving objects, banging doors, foot steps, and cold spots.


Soon after the succes of The French Laundry Thomas Keller and his brother Joseph Keller (currently owner/chef at Joseph’s in Las Vegas) opened Bouchon in 1998.  This new restaurant located just a few streets down, it served moderately price French bistro fare, which the Bouchon Bakery opened next door. 

I swear on my favorite anthologies; I’m not making ANY of this up…..



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9 responses to “In Lieu of Grammar Wednesday…

  1. I’m wondering if you can share any examples of good writing your students have done. The occasional bit of writing that really kicks ass is one the most pleasant things I get as a teacher, especially when it comes from a student I don’t expect.

  2. Seriously – and I’m not just being a pessimistic wise-ass here – if I find any, I’ll let you know.

  3. Organic Mama

    DEEEEEP Breath.

    Hey, there HAS to be a starting point. You are their teacher and you must continue to show them examples of good writing regularly so they see (god I hope so) how it can be done. Why not ask them if they think THEY can write as well as one of your fave pieces of short writing and when they say no, insist that they produce a list of the issues they see standing in their way. Who knows what you’ll get?

  4. Well, Megadeth IS more than just a band.

  5. Weedwoman

    And Salt Lake City is in Utah….

  6. Thanks, ladies. Accentuating the positive is a good thing for me right about now….

  7. How old are the students, generally? Also, were they given any instructions on what to research? I find it mildly amusing that someone would write an entire essay on the benefits of farmed salmon as opposed to organically bred ones, or the environmental impact of snow mobiles. As for Megadeath…

  8. And recipes do call for flavor…generally.

  9. I’m just glad that the cows don’t have to pay as much.

    I’m feeling your pain… You know that, right? I finished with my first batch of rough drafts last night. I’ll have the final papers at the end of March, and then I’ll have 27 sophomore rough drafts to plow through.

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