Bet You’ve Never Heard THIS One Before…

Mrs. Chili, I wasn’t able to print my research paper, which is due today, I know, because, well, my flash drive was in my pocket, right?  And we were working with chicken this morning, and I poured chicken blood all down the front of me, and it got in my pocket and all over my flash drive and now it won’t work.  The paper isn’t on my computer anymore because my computer keeps crashing, so I can’t email it to you,* but I can probably get it to you by the end of the week.

(*which I would have accepted, depsite my insistence that the paper be printed, because it would have at least proven to me that he’d actually finished the paper before the deadline)

All delivered with a perfectly straight face.   I am very much looking forward to the last day of this term…



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4 responses to “Bet You’ve Never Heard THIS One Before…

  1. Has a flash drive.
    Probably has a camera phone.
    Be a little creative and at least take a picture of you and your bloody flash drive as proof.
    Also, back up your work, freak.

  2. Never heard it before?
    Come on. It’s merely a compound of the two most predictable excuses ever plagiarised.

    1) The computer crashed
    2) The dog (flash drive) ate my homework.

    The only one missing is ‘I did give it to you. You lost it.’

  3. Yeah, well, I got that as an intern in a high school, Janari.

    I solved that little problem by insisting that everyone turn in SOMETHING to me when I collected homework. If what they were turning in wasn’t their actual homework, I gave them a piece of pink paper, onto which they wrote their name, the date, the title of the assignment and their signature. I kept these in a file.

    I was never accused of losing homework again.

  4. God bless you for being able to have the patience to teach.

    I’d choke those little effers.

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