grammarninja_1.gifMy mom sent me an email this morning that directed me to the Grammar Ninja.  I’ve lost a good portion of the day playing it and have been occasionally embarrased to not see some of the answers – of course, I went straight to the “Master Ninja” level because my snotty English Teacher pride wouldn’t let me start at “beginner.”

Go try it – it’s fun (in a sick, snotty English teacher sort of way…)



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6 responses to “Hiiiii-YA!

  1. Christopher Wondra

    As an English teacher, I have to check this out. Just leaving a comment so that I can actually visit again and access the site later (I’m at my second job right now and am “access denied”).

    And I don’t want to lose it!

    Thanks for letting me muddy up your comments.


  2. I love this game! Thanks for sharing it. I will definitely pass it on.

  3. Welcome, Chris!! Come back anytime!

    The game is fun, if a little humbling. In the “master ninja” section, a lot of words function in parts of speech that they don’t usually embody…

  4. [In Japanese accent…] Ahhh! A worthy charrenge! I, too, am master glamma ninja, and I got some answers wong flom time to time. Sanks for sharing!

  5. This is a linguist’s nightmare.
    Not is not an adverb.
    All is not a preposition.
    Their is not an adjective.
    That is not a preposition.
    Why is not an adverb.

  6. See? This is the problem *I* had with it, too. In the sentences they give, those words DO function as those parts of speech…. don’t they?

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