Grammar Wednesday!

Alternately titled, “What the Hell is a Gerund, Anyway?”

A gerund, quite simply, is the “ing” form of a verb that is used as a noun.

Her acting was the best in the play.

The team’s playing is the only thing that keeps them together; none of them would be friends off the field.

A gerund phrase is just that – a noun phrase where the noun is really a verb that has changed its proverbial spots:

Poking sticks into lions’ cages is just asking for trouble.

or my personal favorite, seen on a bumper sticker:

Slapping a yellow ribbon bumper sticker on the back of your gas-guzzling SUV during a war for oil makes you look like an asshole.

Have questions?  Need clarification?  Have Grammar Wednesday fodder?  Leave me comments, please!


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  1. Have we talked about the word myriad? Like how the word “of” should never be placed after it. Ever. (Gah! It makes me grind my teeth)

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