I’m at a Complete Loss…

I have a reputation for having strict homework policies.  Homework is due when it’s due; if you turn it in late to me, unless we’ve made prior arrangements, you recieve a zero.  This is on my syllabus and I’ve explained it several times since the first day of classes: I am 100% confident that no one misunderstands this.

In my Monday class, which is a hybrid, homework is due by 6 p.m. on Sunday evenings.  I’ve been known to take work that gets to me by 7 p.m., because I know that, sometimes,  something can be sent from a computer on time but not leave the server until a “batch” goes out.  Every time – EVERY time – I assign homework, I speak it to the class, I write it out on the board, and I ask them, “WHEN is this due?!” and they all parrot back to me “six-p-m-on-Sunday.”  To make it even more clear, because I can never be too careful, I email them the assignments with the due date and time in bold font.

I recieved this email from a Monday student this morning.  Please bear in mind that today is TUESDAY…

hey ian told me today that he didnt send my homework when he sent his cuz hes an ass like that so here it is im sorry

I have no words.



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9 responses to “I’m at a Complete Loss…

  1. claudia

    Response-hey ____ian isn’t responsible for your life!

  2. There is SO much about this exchange that disturbs me. First of all, I wouldn’t ever have DREAMED of sending a professor a note like this – particularly an ENGLISH teacher! Mr. Chili’s response to this was “wow – that’s pretty disrespectful. He’s talking to you like he would talk to one of his buddies. That’s just not okay.”

    The fact that he entrusted his homework to this particular student – whose track record for responsibility is just as bad as his own – doesn’t speak well to his choice of messengers, either.

    The cold, hard facts remain that a) I’ve already marked these students “absent” for the online class because their work wasn’t in even CLOSE to the deadline and b) they’ve both received zeros because their work wasn’t in even CLOSE to the deadline.

    I just can’t stand it. I feel as though there’s literally nothing I can do “save” these two from themselves…

  3. Ian may be an ass, but YOU’RE an idiot….with a zero on your homework.

    What???? A little too unprofessional?

  4. At least he said he was sorry. 😦 If only he could get marks for that, he might be in with a chance.

  5. I’d be inclined to teach a lesson on business letters/e-mails and use that e-mail as an example of what not to do.

  6. I have to agree with Mr. Chili – that was completely disrespectful; you are not their buddy. And, stop trying to save them, cuz obviously, he’s an ass like that.

  7. Sounds like you have a proposal writer in the making!

  8. Jane

    Oh, dear. I’m new to this blog. I read this entry first and assumed you taught middle or high school kids. I kept reading and saw something about “college students” and thought, “Whaaa ..?” Then I read “About Ms. Chili” and saw where you teach. I’m officially speechless now.

  9. Yeah, I’m still a little stunned about the whole thing.

    I went to my boss about it today. I’m starting to feel really discouraged with the students in this class (though there are some in my other class who aren’t doing anything to buoy my spirits, either) and I want to keep my supervisor PAINFULLY informed about everything that happens as concerns these bozos. The last thing I want is for it to get to a “he said/she said” pissing match. I mean, I’m SURE I’d win – I’m excellent in conflicts of attitude and I’ve kept every single email and grade that’s come through my hands – but I’d rather not HAVE to play that game, you know? My boss is confident that I’m doing a good job and that there’s precious little I can do to improve the situation. I’m just going to have to hang my hopes on the kids who are at least putting forth an effort.

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