God/dess Help Me

I have to bring my children to work with me tomorrow.

My girls – Punkin’ Pie, aged 9 and Beanie, aged 7-nearly-8 – are on vacation from school this week.  My husband was planning on being able to take long lunches so he could come home to be with them while I teach from 11 to 1 on Tuesday and Thursday, but he ended up staying home from work today.  That means that he really can’t blow off that much time tomorrow, so my daughters are coming to college with Mommy.

It’s not them I’m worried about, really, and I’m SO glad that I didn’t have to bring them to my Monday class.  Many of my students are slightly less than mature; in fact, many of them are still in that dangerous stage of being rebellious, rambunctious teens with grown-up responsibilities and freedoms.  While my Tuesday/Thursday class is far less – shall we say, exuberant? – than my Monday class, there are still a few students in the room who won’t know how to behave appropriately around young children.  I’m secretly hoping that at least one of them decides to blow off my class tomorrow; I’m afraid that having my girls as guests in the room will simply light the “let’s see how far we can push Mrs. Chili” fuse, just to see if the tolerance level is altered by the presence of my children.

What I should really be concerned about, though, is that my girls might show a couple of my students up.  I have very thoughtful, very intelligent, highly literate children.  They know what pronoun to use in sentences.  They know how to tell a story from beginning to end.  They may be a little shaky on where all the commas go, but they read and speak eloquently.  It will do nothing for the confidence of my less-than-able students if they feel they’ve been bested by a couple of elementary school children.

My hope is that I can get the girls involved in activities other than what’s happening in the class.  I’ll encourage them to bring Game Boys, iPods, and books, and I’ll probably bring my computer and a pair of headphones so they can play games online while the class is happening.  I’d really rather they not participate in the writing assignments or the discussion  – however much they may want to – because it could get weird for my students.  We’re so close to the end of the term, and I can’t afford to lose them now.



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5 responses to “God/dess Help Me

  1. Prof.M

    “Hello, Chili” … or is it “Hello Chili,”.

    When you get a moment could you please let me know which is the correct way to address a recipient?

    Here or email is fine.

    Prof. M

  2. nhfalcon

    Funny, my first thought at your students getting shown up by your daughters was “Good! Maybe that’s the slap in the face they need! Maybe now they’ll think to themselves ‘Good God! If I don’t get my shit together, I’m gonna spend the rest of my life getting embarassed by grammar school kids!'”

  3. bowyer1

    My sons were to come to school with me where I am planning on doing a lesson with Punnett squares for genetics and probability. I was in the same boat. I know my older son (a whopping 7 years of maturity) can handle this lesson with ease, but I was afraid he would outperform my less than motivated high school students. Luckily (for my students), my son had a virus and had to stay home.

  4. It’s entirely a matter of preference. I would write “Hello, Chili,” but that’s just me.

  5. My eight-year-old showed up my children’s lit students a year ago. It was a lesson on Charlotte’s Web; he answered more of my questions than they did, and when I asked if they minded being shown up by an eight-year-old they just shrugged. They did admit, however, that the problem was not that my discussion-openers were too easy. Sigh.

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