I Love My Job

I really, really do.

Nothing spectacular or out-of-the-ordinary happened in my composition class today. Actually, it was a rather uneventful class: we went over some commonly confused words, then we talked about Op/Ed writing and how to construct a brief but powerful opinion piece. I gave them another bit of my writing (but didn’t tell them it was mine), and had them write about it. I’m dying to see what they wrote.

Finally, we talked about letter writing technique. I drew out a sample letter for them on the board (and clarified the difference between “stationary” and “stationery”) and, together, we wrote a sample business letter. I handed them a copy of Lincoln’s letter to a bereaved mother and we talked about the use of vocabulary and imagery. It was a really good lesson.

I sent them home with a bunch of Op/Ed pieces from the New York Times with instructions to choose one to respond to, then to write an opinion paper of their own. Starting next week, their writing is going to be graded on a rubric, so they’ll start receiving actual grades, rather than “credit/no credit” scores for their work. They’ve been writing a lot for me, and I think they’re just about ready to start getting serious about it.

I really do love this job.


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