I had a really good first day with my Tuesday/Thursday class.

It’s huge – there are 22 students registered for the class – but it seems to be a really good group.  I’ve got some students in that class who are willing to put themselves out there in class discussions, and I’m hoping that they’ll serve as an example for the kid who sits in the back, hunched over and hoping that she’ll escape my notice.  They don’t seem to know each other all that well, either, which may work in our favor as we’re workshopping writing pieces together.  Sometimes it’s best to not have a preconception of who someone is when you’re reading their writing.

I am really grateful that this is the class that I’ll be seeing twice a week.  They seem to have a lot more energy than my Monday/online class, so I won’t dread having to slog through twice a week with them.  There are a couple of kids in today’s class who have obviously strong senses of humor, and I love that.  They responded to me very well, too; I told my wise men story and got some laughs, and explained to them that I don’t expect them to turn into Tolstoy or Hemmingway; I just want them to write honestly and often.   They almost universally agreed that they can do that.

I’m sure that every teacher can tell you that they have classes that just seem to click better than others.  I’m not saying that my Monday/online class is bad – I’m not even trying to imply that – but I am saying that my Tuesday/Thursday class gave me a much higher teacher-high than I got yesterday.

I’m so glad to be doing this again.


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  1. Hooray! The first day must be so nerve racking!


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