One Down…

…one to go.

Strangely, I’m not as nervous today as I was yesterday though, technically, today is a “first day,” too; I meet my face-to-face composition class today at 11:10. I’m sure my calmer nerves have to do with the fact that I’ve already had one first day, and can take the experience of it and adjust what I do today to try to avoid some of the pitfalls of yesterday.

I’m going to have this class write more than I asked of yesterday’s class. I’m going to give out the same readings (“Beginnings” from Bird by Bird and “Be Cool to the Pizza Dude by Sara Adams from This I Believe), but I’ll probably only ask for half of the homework I gave yesterday’s class, since it will be due on Thursday. I want to get them to talk to me some more, too – I settled for a lot of lame answers to the “who are you” question yesterday; today’s kids aren’t getting off so easy.

I had yesterday’s class write for five minutes before they were allowed to leave about what they think their biggest roadblocks to being a good writer are. With the one exception of the girl who thinks she’s got a pretty good handle on this writing thing (and, judging from her entry, I suspect she might be right), the nearly universal answer was “GRAMMAR!” followed closely by “PUNCTUATION!” There were a few who were hindered by writer’s block or who felt their openings or conclusions weren’t strong enough, but even they mentioned grammar and punctuation as problems. I am shifting the syllabus to include a little grammar with every class.

Overall, it was a good first experience. I’m hoping the same holds true today.


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