First Day

So, it’s the first day of classes and, as usual on the first day, I am a bundle of nerves.

I really hate this part because, even though I KNOW that everything will be fine once we all get in the room and settled down, I can’t make myself stop jittering.  I was up at 4 this morning, thinking about what stories I should photocopy for the students today.  I’ve been fussing around the house, killing time until it’s reasonable for me to leave for work.

I’ll be happy when the first day is over.



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3 responses to “First Day

  1. Why do you think it is that we never quite get over first day jitters? It’s not as though we don’t know what we’re doing… Perhaps though, the day we do stop being at least a little bit nervous is the day we need to move on to another profession.

    You’ll do great! Best wishes!

  2. Organic Mama

    It’s all that unknown stuff – will they heckle? Pee in the corner? Hate me? Will I be prepared? Will I whipe chalk dust on my butt? Mark up my face with blue or red? Once day one is done, it’s a known quantity.

    Isn’t it amazing that rationalizing it to death STILL doesn’t work?

  3. I’ve been a teacher a long time now and I remember I used to go through that nervousness a bit every year. One of the things that gets me through it now is a consistent routine for the first day that, by this time, is so automatic I can do it in my sleep.

    This routine not at all dependent on the students I have, but rather on the basic material for the course. Any student can do it and have fun, and I’ve performed this routine often enough now that I can relax and just go in and “perform it”. This routine sets up a week’s worth of work for my classes and buys me a couple of days to figure out just who I’m dealing with for students, what their interests are and how I’m going to connect with them best. It eases me into the course in a nice, relaxed way, saving me from those opening day nerves.

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