Gotta Be Able to Roll With It….

…I got a call from Joe, my boss at Tiny Community College.  It seems that, due to enrollment issues, I’ve had a class removed from my schedule.

I’m disappointed about it, though I can’t say I’m overly surprised.  The class that got dropped was the public speaking course, and I was really looking forward to having an opportunity to try out all the lessons I learned from having taught the class last term.  I was also looking forward to updating the file full of stuff that I used last term that worked well, and to inviting guest speakers back.  Such is the life of an adjunct professor in a small school, though: sometimes, the numbers just don’t support the classes.

This does leave me, however, with a lot more energy to focus on teaching the two composition courses I have left on my docket.  I’ve been collecting quotes and writing prompts, thinking about ways to use journaling – and possibly blogging – to inspire and motivate students, and working out how I’m going to manage grading (I think that I’ll make pretty heavy use of rubrics this term).  I’m looking forward to the classes, and hope that my love of writing and the creative process translates well into the teaching of these things or, at the very least, that my enthusiasm is catching.

I’ll miss the extra class in my paycheck, though; that’s for sure.  We’re working on paying off a new heating system and trying to save for Christmas in England in 2007.   Oh, well…


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