Scheduling Changes

No big surprise, but my schedule for next term has been altered a bit.

Instead of teaching three composition courses, I’ll be teaching two – one face-to-face and one hybrid class – and one section of public speaking.

It turned out that there was a scheduling conflict, and Joe was able to remedy it by giving one of my composition courses to Organic Mama and giving me the class he was going to give to her, but which conflicted with the grammar courses she was already scheduled for.  There was a bit of wrangling on Joe’s part, but it turned out that he could make it work with the staff he already has – he told me that he has a fallback person if he really needed it, but was glad that he didn’t have to add another person to the staff to cover all the classes.

I’m actually rather glad of the changes, though I am sort of wishing that the hybrid had been the one to be sacrificed in the switch.  There was going to be a stupid amount of reading on my part once the kids got into the groove of writing, and I have to admit to being a tiny bit concerned about that.  I just finished teaching a public speaking class and am glad of the opportunity to teach another one on its heels; I can try out all the changes that I decided to make as a consequence of having taught this last class.

The changes also mean that I don’t have to give up teaching my Wednesday morning step class at the health club, which can ONLY be a good thing because, as much as I hate to admit it, sometimes the only exercise I get is in classes I’m being paid to teach.


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  1. Mrs. Chili,
    I am honored you would want to print and share me with your class. Permission granted!
    Meg @ The Anonymous Truth

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