This is a Test…

I’ve found me a nice gentleman over at WordPress support who has absolutely NO idea what he’s gotten himself into by being kind to me as I fumble my way around this new blogging adventure.

I sent an email to support because my blogroll mysteriously disappeared, and I couldn’t, for the life of me, figure out what I’d done to make it go away. After I sent the email, I was poking around and tried something that looked like it might solve my problem, and it did – my blogroll is back! Well, Mark from tech support actually returned my email, saying that he’d checked out my blogs and saw that I was back up with the blogroll. I replied and told him that yes, I’d managed to figure that bit out, but I had a bunch of questions and would he mind being my own personal tech support guy (thereby relieving my husband of some of the pressure of a techno-dummy wife)? Mark said yes, and I sent him a boatload of questions.

I told you that story so I could write a post to see if I can follow Good Mark’s guidance and actually work out underlining book titles in my blog (I should note here that Feather told me first how to do it, but I didn’t understand exactly what she was getting at..). Here goes…ready?

<u>The Scarlet Letter</u>


<u>The Grass is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank</u>

Now I’m off to hit “publish” and see if it works!!

**updated** WELL! We can all see how well THAT worked! Seriously – if you’re going to be giving Mrs. Chili computing instructions, you need to talk to her as if she were six years old.

I am pathetic…



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6 responses to “This is a Test…

  1. I hope Mark didn’t talk you out of Calvin and Hobbes! I assume you like the books better. They look nice.

  2. No, he didn’t, but I heard enough evidence that my having Calvin as my banner was an iffy thing to be doing, so I decided to take it down. I respect artists a great deal and try to make a point of not exploiting their work (or stealing it. I was grateful when Napster was brought down). Since I can’t figure a way to reach Mr. Watterson to ask his permission, I figured it best to just change the banner.

    I’m glad you like the books. Got any suggestions for other, suitably “teacherly” images? I’m thrilled at the idea of having a customizable banner!

  3. ACK!!! HTML….boo! I boo thee HTML! Booooooo! I STILL haven’t figured out how to create line spaces between text when the text is center justified. Boooooooo!

    Not gonna lie, “supposedly” I grew up in the techno era and I STILL couldn’t write usable HTML code if my life depended on it!!!

    So if a crazed maniac ever puts a gun to my head and demands I underline a line of text using only HTML, I’m gonna have a new hole in my head….just what I need! Wonderful. :-\


  4. Well, your HTML is correct. It just looks like wordpress doesn’t accept the underline tag any better than blogger, something I don’t understand at all. Underlining is great! It should always be an option! It grieves me that it isn’t. However — and this might just confuse you — if wordpress has a rich text editor and a raw html editor like blogger, using the underline tag in the raw html editor would probably work — it does in blogger — but switching between the two is not worth it at all. On blogger I italicize titles. Not my preference, but still correct in an MLA sense.

    But you did do it correctly. 🙂

  5. Oh wait, did you put a space between the slash and the U on the closing tag? I can’t tell. But that might be it. If not, blame wordpress, ’cause it looks nice.

    I learned basic HTML about five years ago when I was maintaining a website with a friend. I was only too happy to forget most of it, but a few basic commands stay with me.

    Cassie, does the br tag not work when the text is center-justified? (That is, “br” in the triangle brackets, as you probably know. It doesn’t take a closing tag, and it creates one line break. To get two spaces like the ones I have between paragraphs, you’d need two.)

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