I Caved…

While I really, really love the Calvin and Hobbes that I had as my banner, I’d heard enough things from enough people to convince me that I wasn’t really following the rules by having it there.  I’m sad to have taken it down, but I couldn’t figure out a way to have it there legally, so off it goes.

The new banner is a sampling of my bookshelves.  I’ll keep thinking about what to put there long-term (and I’ll take suggestions) but, for now, the bookshelves seemed a theme-appropriate choice.  I really love that I can change the look of the blog whenever I feel like it, and have a feeling that you won’t see the same banner for more than a month or so…


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  1. jrh

    This doesn’t belong here, but as a reply to “what should I have my students read?” post…
    Songs: I love the imagery in I’ve Been Delivered by the Wallflowers and I love the analogies in Breathe by Anna Nalick (also like that she acknowledges how we analyze and interpret lyrics and writing to suit our own needs).
    Articles/columns: Try Rick Reilly’s column at the back of SI for humor/pop-culture/sports writing.

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