A Short Week

The girls have a two day school week coming up. I don’t really remember ever having the day before Thanksgiving off before, but it makes perfect sense. SO many people travel for Thanksgiving that I guess the district just figured they’d give the day off rather than having a good percentage of the student body skip it anyway.

I’m SO looking forward to it. Five days of sleeping in! I don’t have to drag the girls through morning routines so they can get to the bus on time – I get to be the mom who puts an extra blanket over the girls and says “snuggle back in and go back to sleep.” Oh, bliss!



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3 responses to “A Short Week

  1. I wish I could convince my daughter to sleep in. She’s early to bed (8:00) and early to rise (6:30), every single day of the week.

  2. nhfalcon

    my kids have only two days this week, too. Personally, while i can understand the need for the extra day for travel purposes, i think it’s stupid to only have them here for two days. Just give them the whole week off, then.

    I know we’re required to have them for so many hours or days per year, but two days a week is ridiculous. have them make up the hours / days somewhere else

  3. I wish I had had the day before off– but we have staff development tomorrow.

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