Pardon me while I choke to death over here!

I’ve been doing some research into getting my Ph.D. While I’m still not quite ready to take on the challenge yet, like a good doobie, I’m poking around, requesting catalogues, and looking at different options for programs.

Capella University was floated to me as a possibility. Organic Mama wants us to get our Ph.D.s together at this fully accredited, online university.

Yesterday morning, we were goofing around on the computer (when we SHOULD have been paying attention at a workshop about hybrid classes. For shame!) and found out just how much money a Ph.D. from Capella would cost.

I’m not over the shock yet.

If I’m looking at it correctly, we’re talking about sixteen THOUSAND dollars a year, or thereabouts. SIXTEEN THOUSAND.

Holy Crap!

My beloved says that anyone who actually pays for their Ph.D. is doing something very wrong – that Ph.D.s should always be subsidized by an outside entity, whether that be a school, an employer, or a sponsoring organization.

So my question to you, Dear Readers, is this: Who do you think would be willing to pay for my Ph.D.? Because even if I were ready to start studying again, I sure as hell can’t afford the asking price….



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3 responses to “ACK! GASP!!!

  1. Please remind your husband that some people, usually people not in the sciences, do actually pay for their doctoral degrees. What you’re being quoted from the online is about what I paid for my undergrad degree, an amount that many would say was out of the question for that, too. I have no idea how one finds funding for grad degrees. Let me know if you find out.

  2. My beloved got his non-medical doctorate at Capella and received (MORE!) student loans. Having a Ph.D. subsidized would be tremendous and I truly hope to one day go that route, but if not I am prepared to spend the next umpteen years paying it off, like I would a fridge or a car. Ok, a VERY EXPENSIVE fridge or car. Methinks it’s worth it.

  3. Depends on the field you go into, I think…but don’t forget that you can apply for research grants.

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