“Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming”

I did it again – I applied, hopefully or foolishly, we’ll see how it goes – for yet another job:

Dear Mrs. Chili
Thank you for your interest in employment with Tiny Community College. All resumes will be reviewed and qualified applicants will be considered for the open position. If you are chosen to move forward in the employment prescreening process, we will contact you by telephone or email.
Thanks and have a great day.

I will, of course, keep you posted!



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2 responses to ““Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming”

  1. claudia

    I remembered that one of the reasons you said that you were sharing your teaching journey in this format was so other would-be-teachers could get a sense of the process. That being said,I believe that you have (and continue) to show others that sheer determination and overcoming obstacles are also big parts of the process!! “Just keep Swimming!!”

  2. And these people at least want you to have a good day (with underlying “please do not call us or write to us or make us feel bad if we can’t hire you” subtext)! That’s something. That’s more than any of the rest of these schoolas have offered so you’re already one up!

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