CT’s Adventures in the Hinterlands

CT is on holiday with her husband in Alaska. It was a spur-of-the-moment trip for them; CT’s husband has a cousin there who offered lodging at his house and they decided that their need of a vacation overcame any objections they may have had about going to Alaska, so there they are.

I wrote her this morning asking for an update. I told her about what’s been going on around here and asked her what she’s been up to. Here’s the reply I got:

Hi Mrs. Chili,
Got to go immediately. We are leaving to go bear viewing. I don’t want to give you the details, but I’ll leave it to the universe. Talk to you later today (I hope).


Lions and tigers and…oh, MY!

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One response to “CT’s Adventures in the Hinterlands

  1. Bears … COOL!

    I hope they’re viewing so as not to disturb the bears in their natural habitat. (As opposed to, like, feeding them twinkies next to a busy motorway).

    Man, I’d LOVE to visit Alaska.


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