Daily Archives: June 1, 2006

The Horror! The Horror!

I’m reading The Poisonwood Bible and, in the process of reading and talking about it, Kizz said, and I quote:

It’s a great book, huh? I read it ages ago and still remember certain specific images from it.

I’m also fascinated by the Congo and how weird and awful the missionary process was there. Might be time to go back and actually READ Heart of Darkness instead of just listening to the discussion and taking the test.

I took an entire semester’s worth of reading, writing and thinking about this particular bit of Conrad‘s work, and I’d be more than happy to revisit the book and provide this space for thinking, questioning, ranting and learning. It’s available free online (don’t you just LOVE that?) and is, all told, about 95 pages, depending on how big the font is.

Any takers?


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