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If I Get the Job…

…and I’m not saying I WILL, but if I DO;

…I want to spend a bunch of money – maybe even my first paycheck – here.

…And I want Mbungo’s brother, Wayfarer. I shall name him Jobu and he shall be the keeper of all things lost (and confiscated) .


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In-ter-view, Num-ber Two!

I just like the way that rhyme sounded…..

Anyway, I went in for my second interview at Local High School and, I think, it went very well.

I met with three of the four people I met with last time and answered essentially the same questions as before, though in slightly more depth. I was asked a lot of questions that can only be answered hypothetically, which is one of the things I HATE about interviews (“how do you see yourself interacting with the other teachers in the department?” “Well, that depends, doesn’t it, on how I’m recieved into the department. If I notice that the teachers pretty much keep to themselves, I’m going to lay low; if the teachers enjoy working together and are outgoing and friendly, so shall I be.”) I could tell, though, that a couple of my answers really pleased one of the interviewers – he has a lousy poker face – and I think my chances at employment are good, even though I COMPLETELY forgot Wayfarer‘s advice NOT to put my sunglasses on top of my head – they were there the whole time, dammit!.

Anyway, they have two, maybe three people left to take a second look at and I was told that I could expect to hear something by the end of next week. Lucky for me next week is a busy one, what with the long weekend and TWO birthdays in my household, so waiting shouldn’t be that difficult.

As always, I’ll keep you posted. Thanks so much for your advice (even if I do space it – sorry, Wayfarer. If they pass me over, I’ll blame it on the sunglasses), support, and good wishes.


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