Need I say more?



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  1. Ooo! Ooo! Ooo! Mrs. Chili! Aw congratulations in awduh?

  2. Why, yes, Vanx, they are!

    I marched in commencement yesterday. The rain held off long enough to get the important stuff out of the way, and I ducked out after receiving my “diploma cover” (they mail you your actual diploma) because I knew I had antsy girls in the stands. We went to Pizzaria Uno to celebrate (the girls asked me to keep my gown and hood on – I ditched the silly hat) and then spent the rest of the day low-key. The party is next Saturday.

    I’m SO glad to be done!

  3. Oh fuck! I thought it was TODAY! I missed it! Damnitall!

    Well, congratulations! Yippee!

    Do you feel smarter?

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