Random Thoughts (in no particular order)

…ALMOST there….I have just a few things left to do before I’m finished with the work I have to present and / or produce for completion of my Master’s…

…I was out for coffee with PTrinity yesterday when she mentioned that she’d heard that another intern, from a different school, got one of the three positions I’d applied for at the school where I’M interning. I’m still trying to get around that; I had been comforting myself in the belief that I lost the job(s) to people with more experience…

and then….

…I got, in an email from someone I almost never correspond with, yet ANOTHER confirmation that it was probably a good thing that I didn’t get the job I so hoped I’d get after all…

…I have to remember to take some pictures of me with CT and the kids on Monday. The University wants to put on some sort of slide show at the final conference of interns next Friday, and the only pictures I have are really crappy ones….

…I can’t believe it’s almost over………


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  1. Best of luck! Share the pics with us!


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